Our commitments for 2021

This year, once again, we’ve decided to take a fresh look at our objectives, with the aim of going even further and achieving even more! It goes without saying that we’ll continue to build on what we’ve accomplished so far: zero-waste products, a no-compromise approach, and staying true to our ethical values. We have three key missions:

  • Help people learn about and switch to zero waste.
  • Share brilliant ideas.
  • Create meaningful experiences.

Everything we do, we do it with respect for the living world: mankind, animals, and the earth. And this has inspired our five new commitments for 2021!

In the space of one year, two thirds (up from one third) of Lamazuna's solid cosmetics will be certified COSMOS Organic

In concrete terms, this means that all new solid cosmetics will incorporate the criteria of the COSMOS Organic standard from the very first stages of their development.

It also means that some existing products will be reformulated and further improved.

Moreover, Lamazuna has decided to work in partnership with the CNRS (the French National Centre for Scientific Research) and finance research into finding a sulphate-free surfactant that can be certified organic, produces a good lather, and is suitable for use in solid cosmetics. Why? Because existing certified-organic surfactants do not meet all these criteria, and Lamazuna refuses to use sulphate surfactants. 

100% of our products will be made in Europe

It goes without saying that it’s a good thing to have products that are certified organic, but it’s even better if they can be made in Europe too! For Lamazuna, the priority has always been to make our products locally, and this priority will be at the heart of our product design strategy in 2021.

While certified-organic products enable Lamazuna to focus on zero waste and caring for the planet, the made in Europe aspect is a way to pursue this objective while showcasing local skills and workers, as well as a resource-rich economy. This will lead to greater control of the production chain, the creation of jobs, and a reduced environmental impact.

The Oriculi (Lamazuna’s eco-friendly ear cleaner), for example, is a product that has evolved over the years and is now produced locally. This clever little instrument was inspired by ear picks that originally came from China and Japan. To encourage consumers to change their habits and adopt a greener way to clean their ears, Lamazuna initially sold a bamboo Oriculi imported from Asia. But as the brand grew, it became important to develop local solutions to replace this imported material. And this was how, in 2020, we were able to introduce a new version of the Oriculi, made in France from biosourced materials.

Whether it applies to new or old products, local production is one of Lamazuna’s core values, and we will continue to focus on improvement in this area.

Planting over 1,500 trees per year in agroforestry schemes in France

Since its creation in 2010, Lamazuna has always been committed to planting trees: it is a real, visible way to raise awareness and put our values into practice. It has funded numerous projects in Peru, then in France, planting a total of 6,800 trees to date. In 2021 our goal is to continue to fund the planting of at least 1500 trees per year, as part of French agroforestry projects. This represents the absorption of between 60 and 150 tons of carbon dioxide average each year!

Growing the movement and spreading the word: sharing good practices with our partners

As a company, Lamazuna is constantly looking for ways to improve its practices so it can further reduce both waste and its environmental impact. Lamazuna has always been keen to raise awareness about these issues, and is also keen to help its partners do more in these areas by sharing its experiences, choices and ideas. So, in 2020, we drew up guidelines to present our initiatives, sources of inspiration and objectives — from choosing a green electricity provider to reducing our digital footprint. It’s all in there!

We hope to work with our partners (suppliers, customers, distributors, and retailers) even more in 2021, so these good practices cn be shared and adopted by others. When our partners are fully involved, we can aim to make every stage in the life of our products s zero waste, eco-friendly and ethical as possible.

Eco-affordable products for everyone

Raising awareness about zero waste is one thing, but it’s equally important that as many people as possible have access to zero-waste products and can afford them. For Lamazuna, this means the fair distribution of value. Consequently, once initial investments required to manufacture a product (equipment, moulds, machines, etc.) have been covered, Lamazuna is comitted to reducing the product price. Already since the beginning of January 2021, the price of our solid facial cleansers has come down!