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Incredible Bathroom Organiser - Face Range (Blue)

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Wave goodbye to mixing up your solid bathroom cosmetics with this stylish and innovative stackable bathroom organiser. This blue tray with its unique drying grid is perfectly designed for your face care needs, like the solid facial cleanser and makeup remover. Made to partner the three other trays in the range, you’ll never get makeup remover in your hair again!

  • Made in France
  • Eco-designed 100% naturally derived
  • Resilient and durable

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Thanks to our amazing inventors at Lamazu’lab, using this ingenious organiser brings you one step closer to sustainable living! This incredible bathroom organiser tray is customisable with a reversible grid to keep your products dry so they don’t lose their shape. It even has slots to hold your Lamazuna eco toothbrush. Made from 100% recycled bioplastic derived from corn starch or sugar cane, this naturally derived bioplastic lasts a life time and is resistant to moisture and shocks. Collect them all and never get your products mixed up again!

This homegrown French bathroom organiser has a unique eco design that makes it truly incredible! Durable and long lasting, it is made out of a 100% recycled, plant-derived material. We have chosen raw materials with the least impact on the environment including: 100% recycled polylactic acid (PLA), which comes from scraps and rejects from post-industrial waste. We chose PLA because it is more easily recyclable than thermosets (such as silicone), fully biodegradable, and is derived from corn starch or sugar cane. The material is then injected into moulds that are also made in France!

Vegetable oil, produced in France, which acts as a plasticiser

Calcium carbonate: a mineral filler that reduces the amount of PLA required. It also has an aesthetic purpose, giving our organiser its powdery and matt appearance. It also improves the mechanical resistance of the bioplastic.

This durable bathroom organiser is made to last. 100% recycled, biodegradable, plant-derived bioplastic.