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Oriculi - Beechwood Ecological Ear Cleaner


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This eco-designed Oriculi is a zero-waste, reusable ear cleaner will save you from throwing away thousands of cotton buds.

The Oriculi is made from wood that comes from a forest in the Jura region in France, which is under 250 km from our head offices, making its environmental impact almost zero!

Available in five different engraved patterns.

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Lamazuna invented the name ‘Oriculi’ for this clever sustainable ear cleaner tool that cleans your ears and will save you from ever using disposable cotton buds again!

Our 100% French sourced Beechwood Oriculi launched in 2021.

After months of development, we’ve succeeded in creating a new version of our Oriculi that’s 100% made in France. This zero-waste accessory is produced from an eco-friendly, sustainable and durable material. Its shape was designed to make it easy to use, and it’s guaranteed to last a lifetime.

Every zero-waste bathroom should have one!

If you’re looking for a zero-waste way to clean your ears, look no further.

Beechwood and linseed oil – that’s all there is to it!

Our new Oriculis are made from 100% French beechwood, which we chose for its resilience, and because it could be sourced locally from a forest in the Jura region.

They’re engraved by laser to add their distinctive motifs, along with the Lamazuna name. There are five different motifs, so there’s one for every member of the family (unless it’s very large)!

Each Oriculi is oiled with linseed, to protect against humidity in particular, then left to dry.

Use the wooden Oriculi like a small “spoon” to remove earwax at the entrance to the ear canal. There’s no need to go any further!

After use, wipe it clean or rinse with water, and allow to dry thoroughly. The Oriculi is made without solvents or varnish, so if it lightens slightly over time or if you want to
refresh it and make it look new again, you can simply apply a fine coat of oil (preferably linseed, but any oil will do).

The Oriculi can bear a weight of up to 4 kg before breaking, so you don’t have to worry about it being fragile or delicate!

By using this wooden Oriculi, you’ll avoid using and disposing of thousands of single-use cotton buds!

But there’s more to this Oriculi than that… It took us over two years to find a place in France where we could manufacture our eco-designed, wooden Oriculis. We even had a machine specially designed to make them – which shows just how committed we are to this project!

The result is a reusable Oriculi that’s 100% French, made from a natural material, and requires very little transportation, making its environmental impact close to zero!

At Lamazuna, all of our products are designed to be zero waste. We take into account every stage in their life cycle to ensure that they’re as environmentally friendly as possible. Our packaging is made from recyclable cardboard (because we can’t send our products to you naked, but you can recycle the boxes of course!)

Where does the name “Oriculi” come from?

The name “Oriculi” was invented by Lamazuna for this brilliant sustainable accessory, which cleans the ears and lasts a lifetime – so there’s no need to use cotton buds (Q-tips) ever again!

Why have a wooden Oriculi?

It can be difficult to work with wood, and it’s also quite an expensive material. But after working on this project for two years and developing a specially made machine, we can now produce our Oriculis in France from French beechwood, without putting the price up!

With a wooden Oriculi, we’re able to offer you a product that’s made in France from a natural, beautiful, sustainable material that we love! If you have a soft spot for wood, then this is the perfect Oriculi for you!

What’s the difference between the bioplastic and wooden Oriculis?

Now that we have a wooden Oriculi, you have twice as much choice!

The bioplastic Oriculi is light and colourful, and has a lifetime guarantee. It won’t alter over time, and will appeal to children in particular. It’s made in France from a biosourced, renewable material that’s derived from the castor oil plant, which grows in India. Our bioplastic Oriculi is very flexible and resilient, and if (by some remote chance!) it were to break, nothing is lost, as the material can be melted and used to make another item.

The wooden Oriculi, on the other hand, is made from a living material that needs more care than bioplastic. It can alter over time and deteriorate when exposed to moisture. So it’s important to coat it with oil now and again, to protect it. But the advantage of this wood is that it comes from trees that grow in France, making this Oriculi 100% French! It’s a very beautiful, natural material, and it gives us an Oriculi that has an exceedingly low environmental impact.

I’m worried that my wooden Oriculi won’t be able to cope with the humidity of my bathroom.

It’s true that wood is a living material, and it can be damaged by moisture. That’s why we’ve protected this Oriculi with a layer of linseed oil (we don’t use chemical varnishes or solvents at Lamazuna!). If you find that it lightens over time or you want to make it look fresh and new again, you can simply apply a coat of oil – preferably linseed, but any oil will do!

Remember to store it in a dry place too, as this will ensure it lasts even longer!